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  • Luay's Message

    Building on the past

    Great thinkers have reflected that it takes 10 years to achieve mastery in a given area of expertise. In the first 10 years, I believe we have mastered the first. But in a world and industry changing as fast as ours, only the next 10 will decide what we master next. Today we are more certain of tomorrow than we have been before. ADabisc has been an inspiring journey, and I appreciate all those that have shared the road with us.

    Opening an agency is a leap of faith. You realise very soon that there are no guarantees, no safety nets, and definitely no turning back. When Riad and I decided to launch ADabisc in 2002, we were filled with confidence and optimism, and every early win confirmed that our decision to go into business together was the right one.

    Close to a decade later, it gives me great satisfaction to look back at our achievements and the business we've built. But with every entrepreneurial venture, the lessons and achievements of the past are only as important as their value moving forward.

  • The strength of simplicity

    There's something that unites every idea that has changed the world and every concept that has ever made a difference: the strength of simplicity. Like the shortest distance between two points, the most powerful solution is the one that requires the least explanation. In this day and age, the evidence of this power is all around us.

    Commercial communication works hardest when creative thinking works in harmony with the needs of business. Luay and Riad's partnership, 10 years in the making, has succeeded by striking a balance between creative energy and commercial practicality to collectively build some of Qatar's best loved brands.


    Synergy is a beautiful thing.

    Like the perfect combination of ingredients in a chemical formula, two differing elements each with unique characteristics can bond to form a powerful unified solution.

    It's also the magic behind ADabisc.

    Luay Darwish and Riad Makdessi, two pioneers in Middle Eastern brand communications with very different yet complementary styles, joined forces in 2002 to form ADabisc, a Communications Group that lives and breathes the meaning of synergy.

    This L&R magic is part of our DNA, part of who we are. And it's here to stay.

  • Riad's Message

    The world in one place

    There's nowhere on earth more exciting to do business than Qatar today. For a creative entrepreneur with an eye for opportunity, it is a source of constant inspiration.

    There are the most obvious benefits of the highest GDP per capita, the fastest growing population, the 2022 World Cup and the monumental reinvestment in development that's going on, but there's something else about Qatar too. It's the flavour, the spirit of the place; the sights and sounds and optimism that sets this peninsula apart.

    Qatar is a country that has quadrupled in number since 1980. Expatriates from every corner of the globe have arrived to play their part in Qatar's incredible story. In our own way, we're all contributing to building a nation – and that's what makes living and working here such a privilege.

    At ADabisc, we've always looked to source talent from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and today we're proud that our team is comprised of 17 nationalities. Our growth, like Qatar's growth, is a story still being told, and every new chapter is an adventure.