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  • Planet Doha was a series of documentary shorts that took the viewer on a tour of the world without ever leaving Qatar's capital city.

    Drawing on Doha's cosmopolitan population, the series highlighted how this rapidly changing metropolis is today a vibrant patchwork of cultures and influences, each contributing in its own way to one of the Middle East's most intriguing urban landscapes.

    ADabisc, using a bouquet of integrated technical and intellectual resources, conceptualised, developed, scripted hosted and shot this series with in-house talent, after developing the brand concept and executing its design.

  • Al Cinema is an application (online app) that indicates movie times, locations and content. It provides information for people to determine which latest release they want to see, and where it is showing. Critical information includes a short synopsis of the film and an attached trailer.

    ADabisc designed, developed and programmed this application because we love movies and we wanted to make it easier to find, plan and enjoy movie watching in Qatar. Core, Agency and Next combined their talent and technical resources to create the brand, execute the communication and render the application. This was created purely as a shared benefit for the public and was a non-profit venture.

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  • 8 Billion is a project that combines short film, art and literature in a concept with big ideas about a shrinking world.

    The original short film is a 20-minute art house production that utilized the finest screenwriters in the ADabisc stable and the best talent from Studio, while integrating Core and Agency expertise to execute the final product. ADabisc shot the film on location in Doha on a 5-day schedule.

    The film spawned a children's book titled 8 Billion, inspired by the work of the fictional character Eve in the movie. This book is an original illustrated short story that ADabisc will publish. In addition, ADabisc has developed an art exhibition concept that lends a provocative edge to contemporary expression. Watch this space for 8 Billion rollouts.

  • Flu was ADabisc's first short-length feature film that was released in 2011. It was directed, produced, written and filmed by members of the ADabisc team. The film was shot in Syria and featured prominent Syrian actors.