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PR & Social Media

Public Relations

Aligning brand values and public image is critical in realising your organisation’s vision. At Adabisc, we take a fresh and proactive approach to your public relations. The vast changes that have taken place in the media landscape mean understanding who your audience are, who they’re listening to and when is essential in communicating with them.

ADabisc’s has excellent long-standing relationships with local print and digital media outlets. Our team of professionals have in-depth knowledge of the local media marketplace, and respond in real-time to ensure your brand is reflected in the best possible light.

No PR offering today would be complete without social media. ADabisc offers comprehensive community management across all social platforms, and access to a wide range of local and regional influencers to represent and advocate for your brand. Working hand in hand with the creative teams, our PR team ensures engagement that is exciting, on-brand and delivers real results.

Social Media Channels Set-Up & Management

ADabisc recognises the growing importance of social media in shaping a brand’s online presence. We focus extensively on developing and implementing social media campaigns that optimise awareness and build engagement with followers.

We are quickly growing as a leading social media agency in Qatar. Our scope of work encompasses social media management, devising original and engaging content including innovative timeline images, templates and profile designs. This is followed by periodic posting, monitoring, and maintaining content flow to ensure a two-way communication between your organisation and its audience.