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Advertising & Branding

ADabisc is an independent full-services agency in Qatar. We are committed to building the nation’s most loved brands and connecting them with the audiences who matter most.

In advertising, branding, strategy, digital, AV and events: ADabisc delivers results.


Established in 2002, ADabisc has long been recognised as a pioneer in the nation’s communication industry. We pride ourselves on being at a thought-leader, and have tailored our services to meet the unique challenges presented in Qatar. We use design thinking to achieve innovation that is truly transformative, and reject the expected and old school.

ADabisc’s strength is its people. From planning to design and copywriting to social media, our multinational team has been carefully selected for talent that stands apart. Our goal is to deliver a unique voice that speaks to your audience. A spark that triggers conversations.


Branding well begins by understanding deeply. A brand should capture the values, the passion and the innovation of its organisation, but at the same time should be a window into the future.

At ADabisc, we strive to deliver brands that connect emotionally, stand out and remain relevant.

ADabisc’s approach to branding begins with research and strategic development. We bring together as many perspectives, opinions, stories and statistics as we can to begin gleaning the insights that can deliver an outstanding end result.

Our process includes a number of proprietary tools that help us to consider your company in unique and unexpected ways, ensuring the design team understands your organisation inside and our when the visual process begins.

Our services include brand strategy and architecture, logo design, visual language, iconography, brand guidelines and brand experience.