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ADabisc Agency
Communication By Design

Believing that with innovation we can change the world

ADabisc Agency uses design thinking to transform challenges into big opportunities. When a client brings us a challenge, they bring us an opportunity; to think, to imagine, to craft, to create, to resolve.

To make life better, by designing innovative solutions - that work.

No matter what we create, whether it is an unforgettable event, an outstanding advertising campaign, a deeply engaging documentary film, a popular mobile app, website or space design, a memorable PR campaign or stunning photography - our goal remains the same.

We want to solve problems – beautifully, creatively and profitably for our clients.

Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking Process

Our Clients

Qatar University Library

The Qatar University Library project demonstrates how our space designers bring the strategic vision to life through interior creativity and intelligent use of space, selection of materials, fabric and industrial design nuances that ultimately deliver a unique, relevant and consistent tone of voice.

ADabisc Agency was hired to redesign the interior of Qatar University’s main library. Our goal was to modernize the interiors and enhance the practical use of the space. Our team created a concept and produced a space design solution where a unique new interior pays homage to the history and heritage of the institution.

Qatar University College of Medicine

ADabisc Agency’s designers were presented with the challenge of branding the College of Medicine at Qatar University and designing its interiors. The requirement was to create an exclusive space for students to interact and engage in discussions with a specific goal of triggering a conversation. Our space designers approached the project by celebrating the study of medicine at Qatar University. They opted to go to the very heart of the human body and focus on its neurons.

Imagine a network of neurons as the foundation of the interior décor – systematically beautiful, yet randomly simplistic. A network with a life of its own – creating engaging points for connections between students and faculty staff. The spaces created displayed dendrites which branch out into neurons of different sizes – some offering interesting tidbits about ancient Arab medics – while others offered important reminder notes on events, public holidays and other relevant messages to students.


Kahramaa, Qatar’s Water and Electricity board selected ADabisc Agency to direct a major national initiative for the conservation of the country’s water and electricity resources beginning with the forging of a bold, new, independent brand identity. We set out by creating a name and a new brand that united all the diverse initiatives managed by Kahramaa beneath one brand umbrella.

Our brand objective was to be patriotic, friendly and likeable but also trusted and assured. We developed the name ‘Tarsheed’ - meaning ‘consume wisely’ in Arabic and created an identity representing a water droplet, lightbulb and leaf, showing the connection between our utilities and the environment. The slogan, translated from the Arabic called on audiences to “Keep Qatar pulsing with life. Consume wisely.” The campaign embraced an integrated mix of media including print, outdoor, social media, online advertising and radio moving seamlessly from a successful launch to tactical messaging. Tarsheed resulted in the consumption of electricity per capita decreasing nationally by 10% and water usage decreasing by 6%. The campaign recorded a massive awareness saturation of 89%.


Ooredoo, formerly known as Qtel, counted on ADabisc Agency to introduce their new product, initially named Triple Play, offering telecoms/entertainment package concept that would incorporate landline, cable TV and Internet offerings to the market.

We named it Mozaic and promoted it as a product that united diverse offerings under one platform. The aesthetic was vibrant with a distinct visual language that communicated the brand story instantly across user interfaces, packaging, outdoor, press print and more.


World Robot Olympiad 2015

The World Robot Olympiad is one of the most prestigious international events in the field of science and technology. In 2015, Qatar was selected as the official host for this world-class event.

ADabisc Agency was delighted to use our expertise to develop a unique visual identity for the World Robot Olympiad; one that captured the aspirations of Qatar to become a leading hub for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our solution included the strategic placement of a series of visuals across the country, attracting residents to experience the dynamic field of robotics.

By the turn out at the World Robot Olympiad we can certainly say that we exceeded our client’s goals.

One Second

ADabisc Agency is passionate in pursuing public interest campaigns because we care about the community.

When an opportunity was offered to work with Maersk Oil, to develop a national Road Safety campaign, our team grabbed it.

We created a high impact integrated solution spreading road safety awareness across local newspapers, magazines, web portals, TV channels and radio stations.

The campaign was emotional, informative and hugely successful. So much so that it received unprecedented media coverage and sparked off a series of conversations in the media.

Casa del gelato

Qatar’s first home-grown frozen yogurt and Italian dessert brand Gelato was conceived and designed by ADabisc Agency.

True to our passion for the extraordinary, we didn’t simply offer Casa del gelato a straight-forward solution but took it a number of notches higher by grabbing headlines.

ADabisc Agency created one of Qatar’s most successful viral campaigns. To launch the Casa Del Gelato brand with as big a splash as possible we created a rumour to get the market talking.

A series of viral videos were developed and released via social media suggesting that a real penguin had been spotted in and around Doha. Eventually, we revealed Casa Del Gelato as the brand behind the rumour.

Once the rumour broke it not only established a mascot for the brand, it also became a constant reminder of the campaign, ultimately leaving our client with real equity that was used in future communications.

Our aim was to achieve at least 5,000 views for each of our videos within a week of release.

We achieved this goal within 24 hours on the first video, and more than doubled it within 48 hours. The videos were viewed across the world, receiving mentions on Al Jazeera and the Huffington Post!

Website Development

ADabisc Agency approaches website development projects from a perspective of making brands real to the people that matter the most to our clients.

From reflecting brand values and delivering dynamic content to dialing into conversations across social media, we take a holistic approach to place our client’s brands on the digital map.

To achieve this we employ a wide variety of technologies, from Dot Net Nuke(DNN) to Wordpress (WP), from Drupal to Asp.Net using the latest, state-of-the art solutions combining their strengths with our market insight to tailor effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Mobile Application Development

ADabisc Agency excels at mobile application development, offering different types of implementation, from cross-platform tools for rapid expansion and fast outputs, to native iOS / Android development for targeting the best performance.

Our experts engage with our clients, advise, guide and ensure our customers understand the approach we take. Our solutions use client priorities and goals to guide our development process, ensuring that the solutions we build benefit from the power of the best technologies, the unmatched talent of our developers and the market insights we possess.

Disability festival

When The British Council Qatar needed a public relations solution they turned to ADabisc Agency.

We had the challenge of ensuring that the arrival of the very first Arts & Disability Festival in the Middle East left a giant impression on the community.

Our immediate goal was to ensure that the festival inspired people across Qatar to celebrate the talents of disabled artists through a unique program.

Our team handled the PR of the event expertly and was able to publicize the event achieving visitor numbers that exceeded expectations and high participation at festival related workshops.

We also secured massive media coverage at a local and regional level, which led to the forging of new partnerships for our client.

Audi & VW Salwa Road

Audi and Volkswagen were ready to launch two upscale showrooms at Salwa road in Qatar, which jointly occupied over 6,200 square meters in floor space.

The extent of space distinguished the showrooms as two of the largest car brand showrooms not only in Qatar but also in the region. The trusted automobile dealer Q-Auto needed a professional team to manage the PR linked to the impressive opening.

They picked ADabisc Agency. The event gathered VVIPs, Qatari Ministers and high-ranking officials. Amongst the attendees were also distinguished guests from Audi and VW Middle East. Our agency provided strategic PR planning to help secure a massive media presence at the event.

We secured a special feature on MBC Action-Driven Show, and handled all digital and social media activations. The launch took place presence of more than 250 guests, as well as over 50 social media fans.

Qatar National Robot Olympiad

Under the patronage of the Supreme Education Council and supported by Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil Qatar and the College of the North Atlantic, this prestigious world event required a PR effort to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among students.

The event was open to those between the ages of 7 and 19, who competed in regular, open and GEN II Football categories using the LEGO MINDSTORM robotics platform.

ADabisc Agency created the branding for this event and was chosen to handle the full PR project and social media work. We created all the content from writing features and speeches, to the design of media kits and arranging networking opportunities and interviews with the press delivering an effort that our client was highly appreciative of.


Alfardan Sports Motor, the official Ferrari importer in Qatar, held the seventh edition of its highly anticipated annual track event ‘Passione Ferrari’ in Doha.

The event provided Ferrari owners and prospective clients a unique opportunity to discover the ultimate performance of Ferrari at the Losail International Circuit.

ADabisc Agency’s team of Public Relations professionals strategically ensured an impressive media presence.

The route we chose led to the organizing of a dedicated day for media professionals to participate in the event. This led to a broad coverage of the track event across local publications.


Social Media Project Management

ADabisc Agency has a reputation for staying ahead of the curve in the filed of new media. Our team of professionals is adept at managing social media campaigns and profiles for our clients.

As an agency we recognize the growing importance of social media in shaping a brand’s online presence.

Hence, we focus extensively on developing and implementing social media campaigns that optimize awareness and build engagement with followers.

Our scope of work encompasses devising original and engaging social media content including innovative timeline images, templates and profile designs.

This is followed by periodic posting, monitoring, and maintaining content flow to ensure a two-way communication between the client and its customers.


From independent publishing, to corporate content creation and management and from content syndication to custom contract publishing, ADabisc Agency's publishing division resolves client's publishing challenges, by utilizing the extensive talent pool and technical expertise we have on board.

Be it a Sustainability Report for an energy giant like Oryx GTL, or a corporate profile for Ras Gas, an Annual report for CILE, a tenant guide for the Gate Mall or a quarterly newsletter for Salam International our publishing team handle the full range of tasks from concept creation to print.

Our teams work equally well in Arabic and English and the quality, aesthetics and finish of our publications continue to be valued by our clients.

Audio & Video

ADabisc Agency has created a memorable range of audio/visual material for some of Qatar´s biggest brands, and has a team of specialists equipped with the latest technology to bring the ideas to life.

Every project is developed with a clear strategy, while the concept is produced to the highest possible quality, and crafted in post-production to ensure the original vision is realised.


ADabisc Agency works closely with trusted print partners to ensure that every print solution we deliver upholds the high standards we seek.

Our print partners have been selected for sharing our commitment to quality, cost efficiency and meeting client deadlines.

Blink: Quality-focused digital print house with key specialization in high-end finishes and effects.

Control P: Large format, exhibition and experiential branding printer with a strength in brand stewardship.

Harrods Doha

When Harrods Doha made a splash in the market it was ADabisc Agency that conceptualized, produced and supervised all the entertainment activities throughout the VIP Event Days – every hour on the hour.

The Royal and By Appointment suites were decorated and serviced by our team. From curtaining, carpeting and floral arrangements every little touch was delivered to perfection.

Our team managed the hospitality experience including the hostesses during event days.

We also designed and produced the directional signage throughout Katara, in addition to social media activations and outdoor campaigns.

Vodafone Booth

ADabisc Agency’s event’s team envisioned and created the Vodafone booth at QITCOM – Qatar’s premier IT event.

The production teams, led by a project manager, created the stand in a modular format to ensure quick and hassle-free construction within the QITCOM venue.

Finishing and furnishing was maintained to an exceptionally high, international standard, finely balancing aesthetics with functionality.

Vodafone was awarded the esteemed ‘Best Business Product’ award at QITCOM, an accolade reflecting Vodafone’s outstanding innovation and superb presentation at the exhibition.

Souq Waqif Spring Festival

When a Spring Festival is launched at one of Qatar’s most popular destinations the goal is naturally to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy it.

ADabisc Agency’s team put together a stellar event ensuring that our clients received something beyond the solution they were looking for.

We undertook and delivered the designing and manufacturing of a dynamic backdrop for the stage, including the construction of the tented zone. We also handled the lighting, sound and production of the live performances.

Tarsheed Launch

When Tarsheed the national campaign for the conservation and efficient use of water and electricity needed to create a massive and memorable event they turned to ADabisc Agency’s events team.

The Tarsheed campaign was created by us for our esteemed client Qatar’s utilities authority, Kahramaa.

We conceptualized and created a grand event for Tarsheed that attained all goals set by our client.

Our team handled event specifics starting from the choice of location to the branding, and ensuring its successful implementation.


Working for our client Grand Hyatt hotel ADabisc Agency conceptualized, produced and managed one of Qatar’s most popular Ramadan events in 2013.

We ensured that the Grand Hyatt’s upscale luxury brand was upheld in every detail that went into our planning.

With a vibrant palette of orange and purple expressed through flowing fabrics, textured pillows and charming traditional accessories, the Moroccan-themed Ramadan tent transported guests to the enchanting majlis of Casablanca and Marrakech.

Nissan Maxima Launch

Armed with strong credentials of managing and delivering automobile industry related events ADabisc Agency’s team took on the challenge of launching one of Qatar’s most popular vehicles. For the Nissan Maxima launch we took a creative route that played with the idea of ‘maximum’ performance.

The direction was inspired by the brand’s latest offering – the Nissan Maxima.

We engaged the services of four talented performers to reveal the car, one step at a time, through a series of neatly laid out live performances.

We selected four performers who possessed extraordinary talents that were in sync with the car’s core characteristics. The launch was a huge success.

Ooredoo Business Pack Campaign

Qatar's Telecommunications giant Ooredoo needed a breakthrough campaign that cut across media saturation and attract the attention of business users.

When ADabisc was approached to take on the project, we assembled a team that excelled at combining storytelling with humour.

The goal was to personalize communication solutions in order to have the target audience simultaneously identify and engage with the product.

Following a thorough research of potential users, ADabisc's team of animators and graphic artists created a series of business user personalities.

The team took the campaign to its next level of evolution by linking the user personalities with a variety of recognizable mobile phone models and product related messaging.

We wanted to have the target audience identify themselves with the campaign in a lighthearted manner while instantly recognizing a solution that was tailor made for them.

The campaign was a great success and as planned, it delivered the engagement, entertainment and the business results our client Ooredoo was seeking.

Qatar Summer Festival 2016

As part of the month-long summer festivities in Qatar, organised by the Qatar Tourism Authority, ADabisc hosted a vibrant family entertainment area at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

The precinct, spanning 5,000 square metres, featured an exciting assortment of inflatables, interactive and family games that were designed to entertain all age groups.

The range of attractions included a thrilling Angry Birds gaming zone, 3D Candy Crush and a 40 sqm maze, alongside children›s workshops, activities and live shows.

The event witnessed a significant turnout throughout the month, which was further indicated by the positive feedback Adabisc received on its social media channels.